High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories
High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool - Car Accessories

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High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool

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High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool !!!

Bring back the same nostalgic and satisfying feeling of looking at your brand-new car for the first time with Foamzie. It is a High-Pressure Car Foam Gun that will clean your car by covering it up with a thick layer of foam in a matter of few seconds.

The foam captures all sort of dust, stains, oil, grease, and dirt and then creates an emulsion which can be either wiped off or washed off. It cleans your car completely, from outside to inside, unlike a car-wash and saves time and energy while cutting down your water wastage up to 90 percent.
 The foam is made with the soap present in the soap container. When we press the gun trigger, the water comes in, gets mixed with soap and sprays out foam. It can be diluted or concentrated by using a valve on the top of the container, which limits the amount of water. So, you can turn the nozzle one way to get a high-pressure jet of plain water or you can turn it the other way to get thick foam.

Foamzie saves your car from scratches and saves you from the exhaustion of cleaning it by hands. Also, it can clean the insides of your car, unlike any other high-pressure car washer available in the market. It is like having your personal car wash where you will never have to share a waiting list.

Versatile Input and Output: For the input, Foamzie can be attached to any pressure washer or air compressor, no matter how big or small. For the output, there are two horn-shaped nozzles. One of them is used to spray out water or foam while the other nozzle (Equipped with bristles) is used for high-pressure air blowing and brushing.
Easy and Touch-less Operation: The whole operation is touch-less, making it a whole lot easier and hassle-free. Foamzie will remove all of the stubborn stains in and on your car. You just touch one thing, the trigger.
Blazing Fast and Eco-friendly: Cover your car in a thick blanket of foam in less than a minute. Experience all-round cleaning faster than ever before while checking on both your water usage and wastage.
Multi-functional and Multi-Purpose: Foamzie can perform two functions, spraying water/foam to clean dirt and blowing air to clean the dust on the outside. It works great on the inside as well. You can easily clean your dashboard, seat covers and all the places where your hands can’t reach.
Cost-efficient: Foamzie not only saves your time but also saves you a lot of money on car washes or hiring professionals to do the job. It gives a glossy finish to your car so you don’t have to spend money on products like car wax, car polish, etc.
Premium Quality: The connectors are made with high-quality Brass to withstand high pressure and long-term use while the container and the nozzles are made with premium-grade ABS and PP materials respectively, which makes it corrosion-resistant.


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Car Wash Facts

How often do you wash your car?

Car washing and detailing is not every car owner’s cup of tea. Whether you take it seriously or don’t mind how dirty your car looks, you will find these car washing facts quite fascinating.

1. How your car looks to reflect on you

According to a study by White Glove Car Wash, one out of every four car owners believes that how your car looks reflects on you. If your car is dirty, it reflects poorly on you and is often a sign of a slob!

If keeping your car neat and tidy is a priority to you, you’re not alone. You are in a prestigious club with another 62% of car owners who take the appearance of their cars seriously.

2. Car washing saves fuel

Keep your car clean is not only cool but it will also save you a few cents at the pump. Dirt creates drag and can increase fuel by up to 10% which is quite significant.

3. You can save on medical bills by keeping your car clean

Cars can be messy and with the mess comes germs which can lead to the spread of illnesses. Even though most people are keen on cleaning their homes, cars are usually left out. Keeping your car clean can prevent diseases and save you big bucks in medical bills.

4. Clean cars have more value

If you have been keeping your car clean spick and span, it might be worth more than a dirty car. Clean cars look better and are easier to sell. According to Kelley Blue Book, a clean car can fetch as much as $1,500 more than a dirty car!

5. Some car owners have never washed their cars

It might come as a shock, but 16% of car owners admit to never washing their cars at all. A clean, nice looking car is not at the top of the list of every car owner.

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