Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - 1 - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - 4pcs - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - 2 - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - 3 - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - 4 - Hand Tool Sets
Damaged Nut Splitter Tool - Hand Tool Sets

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Damaged Nut Splitter Tool

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Damaged Nut Splitter Tool

Damaged Nut Splitter Tool!!!

If you work on nuts and bolts that are rusted or jammed, it takes massive effort to remove one by one with an ordinary wrench or socket. Now, with the Damaged nut splitter tool, you can save your sweat and effort! It is particularly designed to remove damaged or corroded nuts without damaging the bolt thread by simply splitting it with its extra sharp cutting tip. It can work on even the toughest nuts and bolts! Get it now to work on projects effortlessly!

Adjustable Nut Splitter Cracker 9-27mm Nut Remover Damaged Nuts Splitter Remover Rust Nut Manual Proffessional Extractor Tools

Professional 9-27mm Break Damaged Nuts Splitter Cracker Remover Rust Nut Manual Extractor Tools 


Material: Alloy Steel 

4pcs/set packing box size: 250 X 165 X 60mm/9.84 X 6.5 X 2.36" 
Applicable: Break Rusty Nut Splitter 

Size Table: 

Size            Full Length              Application Scope               Hole Diameter 

1             80mm/3.15"           9-12mm/0.35-0.47"                  12mm/0.47" 
2            102mm/4.02"         12-16mm/0.47-0.63"                 14mm/0.55" 
3            130mm/5.12"         16-22mm/0.63-0.87"                 18mm/0.71" 
4            150mm/5.91"         22-27mm/0.87-1.06"                 21mm/0.83" 

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Damaged Nut Splitter Tool      Damaged Nut Splitter Tool    Damaged Nut Splitter Tool     Damaged Nut Splitter Tool


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Damaged Nut Splitter Tool

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