Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer
Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You - Nebulizer

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Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You

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Portable Asthma Nebulizer Just For You !!!


Portable nebulizer
Quiet treatment
Two airflow control
Compact and portable
Suitable for all ages people
Autoshutdown in 20 minutes or it will hurt  
Autoclean function


Size: 14.0 cm * 11.0 cm * 6.0 cm 
Atomizing speed: ≥0.25ml/min
Atomized particles: ≤3.7μm
Capacity Of Cup: 10ml
Noise: ≤50dB(A)


The better way use about 20-60 degrees hot water pour into big cup when you first time use it, only can be use clear water.
The machine itself does not have the heating function.

This product is could charge by Usb cable . And it also support batteries , but you need buy batteries yourself . For transportation reason , batteries is not allowed to be shipped by air . 


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Asthma Physical Effects

Having asthma can affect a person in many ways. Physical effects can range from the somewhat annoying (an occasional cough) all the way to the life-threatening (not being able to breathe). The frequency and seriousness of asthma symptoms depends on the overall severity of the asthma and how well it is controlled.

Whether your asthma causes mild or severe symptoms, it's essential to have an asthma management plan in place. The asthma doctors at UI Health can help. We'll take the time to understand your symptoms and gauge the severity of your asthma. Then we'll work with you to put together a plan that will address the physical effects asthma is having on your body.

Physical Symptoms of Asthma
Asthma symptoms and severity vary substantially from person to person. Most people with asthma do not have symptoms constantly. Bothersome asthma symptoms can mean that asthma is not controlled sufficiently or that an acute asthma episode may be starting. Common asthma symptoms include:

Tightness in in the chest
Shortness of breath
Awakening in the night from coughing or wheezing
If you do not have asthma, you can help yourself imagine what it feels like to have an asthma episode:

Run in place for a minute or two, until you can feel your heart start to beat fast. Take a plastic drinking straw and put it in your mouth. Hold your nose closed and continue to breathe through the straw. OR
Take a deep breath in and hold it a moment. Now let out about a tenth of the air in your lungs. Breathe back in. Breathe out that same small amount of air. Breathe back in. Repeat until you can't stand it anymore.
Asthma Symptoms in Children
Children are not always able to express in words that their asthma symptoms are worsening. They may have noticeable coughing and wheezing, but these are not always the first indications of breathing distress. Different children show asthma trouble in different ways.

Some possible indications of the beginning of an asthma episode include:

Unusual tiredness or restlessness
Trouble sitting still
Looking worried or scared
Pale, sweaty skin
Fast breathing
Slouching Over
Levels of Asthma Severity
Just as we do not yet know exactly what causes asthma, we do not know why the disease is mild in some people and very severe in others. National guidelines classify asthma severity into four levels:

Mild Intermittent Asthma

Wheeze or cough 2 or fewer times per week
Symptoms at night 2 or fewer times Per month
Mild Persistent Asthma

Wheeze or cough 3–6 times per week
Symptoms at night 3–4 times per month
Increased symptoms with activity
Moderate Persistent Asthma

Daily symptoms
Daily inhaled beta2-agonist (bronchodilator) medication use
Symptoms at night 5 or more times per month
Decreased exercise capacity
Severe Persistent

Continual symptoms limiting activity
Frequent exacerbations
Frequent symptoms at night
Asthma Management Can Help
A single individual's asthma does not necessarily remain in the same category permanently. A person with seasonal asthma triggers may find that at a certain time of year — for instance, when ragweed pollen is in the air — he or she is in a higher severity group than during the rest of the year.

Asthma that starts during childhood also may become less severe as a person grows and his or her airways become wider. For any person with asthma, effective ongoing asthma control can help them move into a less severe category.

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