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Fidget Spinners are lovely Toys

They are interesting things to play with and they make you wonder… Why were they created? Here it is.    As you all know fidget spinners became popular in 2017 to 2018 but released in 1993. They work by you holding and spinning it and people say that it makes you more attached to it.  There are some myths that people made about it. Let’s see if they are true or false. But first who was the inventor? The inventor was called Catherine Hettinger and she was a chemical engineer by training but was only credited by the news and articles like The Guardian and The New York Times but soon it was revealed that Catherine was not the inventor...

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Dogs are and will be our friends forever

They are our furry friends and became our friends since the Stone Age and you have to agree, that’s a very long time. Here is the whole story.   At the time we found these friends it was the starting of the Quaternary era meaning that humans only started making colonies and the main threat were wolves but weirdly they are actually the ancestors of dogs.   You see, the humans started to learn how to tame animals including the wolves and suddenly they became more friendlier and friendlier and started looking like normal dogs. After that, a dog was man’s best friend. It would help scare away other threats to humans. It would always keep company if it’s owner...

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Lion King In Africa a ferocious beast walked the land...

Lion King In Africa a ferocious beast walked the land... Lions are wild cats with furry manes and canine teeth. We all think lions are scary but they should be scared of us. I’ll get to that later. But first let us see the main things of a lion.

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