Lion King In Africa a ferocious beast walked the land...

Lion King In Africa a ferocious beast walked the land...

Lions are wild cats with furry manes and canine teeth. We all think lions are scary but they should be scared of us. I’ll get to that later. But first let us see the main things of a lion.

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Lions are in the cat family scientifically known as Felidae which makes them fields and are top of the food chain making them one of the predators of Africa.

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 Lions have a furry mane and the darker the mane is the more attractive a lion is to the lionesses. Lions have piercing teeth that crush through bones and flesh and many animals are scared of them.

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 Lions are normally found under shade or near a waterhole since when herbivores are drinking from it and see lions they run away in search of another one so they have the whole waterhole to themselves.


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Remember when I said that lions should really be scared of us? That is very true since lions are an endangered species and we.. WE ARE DOMINATING THE WORLD! Anyways, global warming makes Africa even hotter than other countries which makes it hard to survive there. Were also hunting too many lions to protect our cattle. That decreases their population rapidly. Please spread the word and save all animals including the lion.

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Here is a story about some lion cubs who almost got abducted:

One day, the little cub Mark was playing with his joyful friends in the plain, yellow field. After that, his mother called him for lunch and they all went back to the same, comfortable home. His friends were in the same group but in different families. Then, they started playing again but Mark’s eyes then got caught up in something while playing.” What is that?” he said. Mark and his friends Max, Peter and Rose stared at a mysterious UFO flying in the air. It was in the shape of a saucer like an alien spaceship which could only mean one thing...


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“Aliens are real?!” shouted Rose. “I think not.” Said Max. But it became more and more believable as it was landing towards the field they were playing in. Suddenly, a blue light came out of it’s under and the wind was slowly breezing and everything was shaking. The four friends retreated back to their homes and stared astonishingly as dust filled the air and it landed on the ground.


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They all were scared and growled and scratched at the mysterious thing. It took massive damage and the UFO retreated. Their mothers said “Are you okay my sweetie-pies!?” They replied “Yes!”

-By Amazing Aawaan




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