Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

Halloween Story! The Haunted House…

I stared at the host and saw him fiddling in his pocket to unearth some shiny, polished keys. He threw them at me then informed me “You may go Lennie, give this to the taxi driver. You will find him standing right outside the taxi.” I gloomily slouched out of the stage. I felt like this is the end of my life. As the seconds passed, my stomach did a few somersaults, my heart was beating rapidly and my panting was very fast. I overheard somebody whisper,” Poor Lennie, he is just a kid.” He was looking sympathetically at me and then strode towards me saying,” Hello Lennie, I am Steve, your taxi driver. Sorry for the inconvenience that you had to wait.” He led me to his old, green taxi. I stared at it confused. I had never seen a green taxi before. “You okay?” he asked in a comforting voice.


Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

I nodded curtly since I wanted all of this to end. “Now get into the car, my boy.” I steadily opened the smooth door and sat down on the soft, leathery seat. I now had a ray of hope that everything will be fine. I said to myself “Don’t worry Lennie everything will be fine”, though it sounded very exaggerated to me. Suddenly, the car engine revved loudly thus we were off. As I stared through the window, I saw the beautiful moor turn into dark, lifeless plains.

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

Along the way, Steve told me “You know, Once I was a contestant in Give It A Spin and I also had to go to the haunted house. Nothing happened to me and I got the chance to spin the wheel again and I got a vacation to thrilling Rome.” Then he continued happily” I expect you will get the same luck as me.” I muttered to myself “What were the chances of that?” very negatively. Then we reached the haunted house. It looked very dilapidated and the roof was looking like it will tumble down on me if I go under it.

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

Steve gave the haunted house a look of utmost terror and fear hence, he scrambled to his taxi gave a quick but petrified goodbye and left me all alone. I decided to go  inside the backyard of the house since it was better to do something than nothing. I creaked open the gate and found myself walking through a crowd of graves and memorials. There was lots of dead trees and crows grouped together and they cawed crookedly. Moreover, I think I heard sounds of ghosts, phantoms and spirits hence I was regretting coming here.

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

My bones shivered as I strode to the haunted house. I walked up the wooden stairs to find a birch door with a werewolf door knocker to be slightly open for me to come in. I opened the door a little bit wider and daringly crept into the gloomy haunted house.

I found myself in an empty hallway and because it was very gloomy, I had to pick up a flashlight even though it was useless. Eventually, I started to look around but stood rooted to the spot. Blood was spreading  from every room and the lights were flickering a lot. A painful headache spread over my head as I studied the paintings, my eyes widening in fear at the darkest messages. Some said “YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT!” and also there were coded messages but I didn’t seem to figure out why they were there.

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

Afterwards I went into what looked like the dining room filled with coffins and expired food. A window was smashed and you could see the illuminating moon showing behind the glinting stars. It looked like everything was shattered and dismembered. Just then, a gurgling noise burst out from the sink. I jumped up and ran like the wind. I fleeted from the kitchen and found myself in the attic. There were lots of dusty boxes however what creeped me out was that there was a dead body in the middle of the attic. Then I heard a wild cackle and a flood of flying jack-a-lanterns came at me. I tumbled into the boxes and found a secret passageway.

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

I jumped down the passageway screaming “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!” I moaned in despair as I became even more irritated with the host of Give It A Spin. I wondered why he wanted to torcher people like all the contestants including me. Maybe he was a scoundrel, a robber? I wished somebody, anybody would save me from the wrath of this gloomy, scary house nevertheless I never noticed that the half of the night had gone hence I went to sleep undisturbed, until I heard a screaming noise and a loud thud. I stared into the darkness, pondering deeply what it was. As my eyes accustomed to the gloom, I began to see the silhouette of a human groaning and mumbling. Then to my horror a zombie clutched me by the chest as the stranger came forward. It turned out to be a skeleton, its bones rattling as it slumbered towards me scarily. Petrified, I ran for dear life however there was a wooden wall with illuminating lights coming out of a window. I hoped it was anyone that was shining those lights would save me if they had the guts to do it. I was mortified and scampered up and down the hallway looking for any trapdoors that would lead me to safety. I dared not to look back as the light lit the hallway. I saw a vampire sneaking up to me its cape cloaking it out of sight.


Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…

As the first signs of sunlight came, the vampire ran away its cloak now gliding away it bumped into the zombie, who got knocked down rather heavily and they tumbled down together to knock over and break the skeleton. I chuckled momentarily and then heard a loud voice. The person exclaimed “Eh you! Come here so you can escape!” I gasped unbelievably as the light from the window was at its brightest. My feelings of fear turned into glee hence I jumped out of the window with a smile and was shocked to find out that a green taxi stood in the barren plants and next to it stood a familiar face. “Steve!!!” I exclaimed happily. I was so thankful and grateful to him hence I ran to him and hugged and squeezed him so tightly that he choked so at this I let him go. He said “Get into the car fast!” and then continued seriously “Otherwise we’ll end up being the main course!” I responded as quick as a cheetah and literally jumped into the car and we drove away at sunrise. All in all, that night wasn’t brilliant but it ended well like a fairytale. I grinned from side to side as I told myself “You actually made it!” Steve was also grinning broadly as we drove to my house. I still had a feeling of regretfullness that I spinned the wheel on the Host’s show. Pondering about this made me draw up a question to tell Steve. “Where is the host now?” Steve replied groaning “That old, selfish bloke? He’s in jail now. What he deserves.” I grinned some more. That bloke was the only reason I had to go to that house. We drove out of sight in the sunlight . Meanwhile a stranger was viewing us thinking a mischevious plan. Who is that stranger? We will never know…….


10 fun facts you didn't know about Halloween


Halloween is a celebration of all things spooky, and in the United States, it's surrounded by a few odd traditions like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. Here are a few interesting facts about how some of today's practices got started as well as other fun tidbits about the unique holiday.

1. "Jack o'lantern" comes from the Irish legend of Stingy Jack

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Jack o'lanterns were not originally made from pumpkins 

Legend has it that Stingy Jack invited the devil to have a drink with him, but Jack didn't want to pay for the drink, so he convinced the devil to turn himself into a coin. Instead of buying the drink, he pocketed the coin and kept it close to a silver cross in his house, preventing the devil from taking shape again.

He promised to let the devil go as long as he would leave Jack alone for a year – and that if Jack died, the devil wouldn't claim his soul.

After a year, Jack tricked the devil again to leave him alone and not claim his soul. When Jack died, God didn't want such a conniving person in heaven and the devil, true to his word, would not allow him into hell.

Jack was sent off into the night with only a burning coal to light his path. He placed the coal inside a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the earth ever since.

People in Ireland and Scotland began creating their own creations of Jack's lanterns out of turnips, beets and potatoes. The tradition traveled to the United States along with the immigrants and people began to use pumpkins, native to North America, for the lanterns instead.

2. Candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Candy corn is a more suitable title for this confection 

Though many would argue that candy corn tastes like chicken feed, that's not how it got its original name. Created in the 1880s by George Renninger, it was sold to the masses by Goelitz Confectionery Company (now Jelly Belly Co.) at the turn of the century.

Because corn is what was used to feed chickens, the creation was called "Chicken Feed" and the box was marked with a colorful rooster.

3. Trick-or-treating comes from "souling"

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Modern-day costumes have taken the place of garments designed to represent spirits

Having children dress up in costumes and go door-to-door like little beggars demanding treats is kind of weird. Like several other Halloween activities, the tradition can be traced back to the Middle Ages and the rituals of Samhain.

It was believed that phantoms walked the earth on the night of Samhain, so people would dress up in costumes in an effort to repel the spirits.

As the Catholic Church started supplanting pagan festivals with their own holidays (like All Souls' Day), the act of souling became popular, and poor children and adults would go door-to-door dressed as spirits accepting food in exchange for prayers.

4. The most lit jack o'lanterns on display is 30,581

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival 

According to Guinness World Records, the highest number of lit jack o'lanterns on display is 30,581 by the City of Keene, New Hampshire in 2013. Keene, represented by Let it Shine, has broken the record 8 times over since the original attempt. That's a whole lot of pumpkins!

5. Halloween folklore is full of fortune-telling and magic

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…We don't recommend attempting to walk down the stairs backwards while holding a mirror 

Old English folklore about Halloween is full of superstition and fortune-telling that still lingers today, like bobbing for apples or avoiding black cats. One piece of folklore says that if a young unmarried person walks down the stairs backwards at midnight while holding a mirror, the face that appears in the mirror will be their next lover.

6. Day of the Dead should really be called Days of the Dead

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Calavera, or decorative skulls, for Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, takes place October 31 through November 2 in Mexico and a few other Hispanic countries. November 1st, Dia de los Inocentes, honors children that died, and family members decorate graves with baby's breath and white orchids. On November 2nd, Dia de los Muertos, families honor adults who have died and place orange marigolds on grave sites.

The original Aztec celebration actually lasted a month long, but when Spanish conquistadors came over to Mexico in the 16th century, they merged the festival with the Catholic All Saints' Day. Today's celebration is a mix of both Aztec rituals of skulls, altars to the dead and food with Catholic masses and prayers.

7. Michael Myers' mask is actually a William Shatner mask

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…We're pretty sure that Michael Myers never asked to be beamed up

The classic 1978 horror film "Halloween" can be easily recognized in just one image: the psychotic Michael Myers in his iconic pale-faced mask. Without a doubt, it's one chilling look that has struck terror into the hearts of partying teens in slasher flicks.

The movie was actually filmed on such a tight budget that the crew used the cheapest mask they could find: a $2 Star Trek Captain James Kirk mask. They spray painted it white and reshaped the eye holes, making William Shatner look incredibly creepy.

8. Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Bonfires lit up spooky evenings like this one

the Halloween we know today can trace its roots back to the ancient Celtic end-of-harvest festival of Samhain. During Samhain, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off evil spirits.

In the eighth century, in an effort to spread Christianity, Pope Gregory III decreed November 1 as All Saints' Day and incorporated some of the rituals of Samhain. All Saints' Day was also called All Hallows and the night before, when the traditional Samhain festival used to take place in Celtic regions, was called All Hallows' Eve.

9. Des Moines has a hilarious tradition called Beggars' Night

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Beggars' Night in Des Moines is for the kids 

The night before Halloween, young children in Des Moines hit the streets for Beggars' Night. the event began around 1938 as a way to prevent vandalism and give younger children a safer way to enjoy Halloween.

Beggars' Night is very similar to regular trick-or-treating, except kids are required to tell a joke, poem or perform a "trick" for a treat. The best part? The jokes are notoriously groan-worthy like, "If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?"

"Pilgrims." Get your best dad jokes ready!

10. The White House is haunted

Halloween Collection Story! The Haunted House…Spirits roam the halls at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave 

The United States' most famous address has had several reports of ghostly appearances and eerie sounds – and that's not even including election years! The most common ghost sighting is of Abraham Lincoln who has been spotted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Sir Winston Churchill. Other paranormal guests include Andrew Jackson, David Burns and Abigail Adams.

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