Fidget Spinners are lovely Toys

They are interesting things to play with and they make you wonder… Why were they created? Here it is. 


Flying fidget spinner

As you all know fidget spinners became popular in 2017 to 2018 but released in 1993. They work by you holding and spinning it and people say that it makes you more attached to it.  There are some myths that people made about it. Let’s see if they are true or false. But first who was the inventor?

Flying fidget spinner

The inventor was called Catherine Hettinger and she was a chemical engineer by training but was only credited by the news and articles like The Guardian and The New York Times but soon it was revealed that Catherine was not the inventor so the real inventor was Joshua Rett Miller.

UFO Fidget Spinner Just For You

Now time to bust some myths! People said that patients with diseases like ADHD and autism could recover by playing with fidget spinners but study was recorded and there was no evidence that this was true. People said that some kids got cut or injured by fidget spinners and this was true and scary.

Now you know about fidget spinners spread the word.

Here is a story about the inventor of fidget spinners:

“Welcome back to the New York News where I am your host Stevie Andrews!” If I was in the past watching this news the next thing that would come up would surprise the whole world. My whole family would be staring at the TV and looking at Stevie’s red and blue stage and I would wonder about the millions and billions of cameras that are filming this moment connecting to the whole world. Then the news cane…

UFO Fidget Spinner Just For You
“Sad news. Catherine all lied to us… She is not the inventor of fidget spinners… What a let down.. The real inventor is actually Joshua Rett Miller which is good that there is a inventor but Catherine just made such a big change in history…”  I just thought that why would this happen.


UFO Fidget Spinner Just For You

My mom and dad said there was no big deal about it but I, YES I, was gaping crazily. I stayed there for some minutes but then got bored and went to my room to find a toy but when I saw a fidget spinner I turned back.  

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