Dogs are and will be our friends forever

They are our furry friends and became our friends since the Stone Age and you have to agree, that’s a very long time. Here is the whole story.


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At the time we found these friends it was the starting of the Quaternary era meaning that humans only started making colonies and the main threat were wolves but weirdly they are actually the ancestors of dogs.


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You see, the humans started to learn how to tame animals including the wolves and suddenly they became more friendlier and friendlier and started looking like normal dogs. After that, a dog was man’s best friend. It would help scare away other threats to humans. It would always keep company if it’s owner feels alone and also would make their owners happy.

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After that they weren’t made a pet for a while but then when technology came they started breeding new types of dog like bulldogs, labradors, poodles and dalmatians. They became even better as a pet and now a child may want a dog.
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Here is a story about a little puppy who got took care of:

It was yet another sunny day outside, and today Miles was hoping to get taken care of. Miles was a stray dog in a comfortable foster home hoping desperately that someone would take care of him. In his dreams he dreamed of being owned by somebody and going for long walks and breathing fresh air, eating mouth-watering dog food, fetching a bone outside in a lush garden and playing with it in the hot sun.

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After that, he was in a truck with other animals having a chance to become a pet on a usual trip to the pet store. One they reached they were put on shelves inside their own cages and after a while millions of people burst into the shop looking for a pet. At that moment a little girl and her family were looking at the poor little dog but the puppy did not notice. All of a sudden, his cage started moving and he turned around only to see a happy family staring at him smiling. He widely smiled back and he could not believe it. He was going free!

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They payed for the little puppy and took off in their shiny, golden car. Along the way the little girl, named Mary said “Hello Miles.” Miles delightfully woofed back and then they approached their home. It was just like he had dreamed it. He could have fun playfully, could eat delicious food and take long walks. It was all he ever wanted.

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